Efficient Refrigerated Air Dryers by Hankison

Maintaining Consistent Dew Points for Reliable and Cost-Effective Air Drying Solutions

Hankison Refrigerated Air Dryers offer a wide range of solutions for drying air in various industries. These dryers ensure that dry air consistently will be delivered, whether you use rotary screw air compressors or other types of compressed air systems. Explore the main features, technical details, and options that can fit your application.

Key Features of Hankison Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

Consistent Dew Point Control: Hankison Refrigerated Air Dryers are excellent at keeping the dew point consistent, even when the need for dry air varies. This means that your compressed air stays free from moisture to the guaranteed ISO class, which is crucial for the reliable operation of air tools and various industrial processes.

Minimal Maintenance Needs: Designed with user convenience in mind, our dryers require minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs. With Hankison, you can trust that your dryer operates efficiently and reliably.

Cost-Effective Solution: Hankison Refrigerated Air Dryers are renowned for their cost-effectiveness. They are engineered for energy efficiency, helping you conserve energy while delivering, dry, air. Whether your dryer operates constantly or periodically, you'll benefit from lower operational costs.

Cycling and Non-Cycling Models: Hankison offers both cycling and non-cycling refrigerated dryers to suit your specific needs. Cycling refrigerated dryers are ideal for applications where demand varies. They adjust their operation to match the demand, conserving energy when the system is not running at full capacity. Non-cycling dryers, on the other hand, are designed for situations where Energy costs are not of the essence and/or were restrictions in the investment budget have priority.

ISO Class 4 & 5 Certifications: For industries that demand the highest air quality standards, Hankison Refrigerated Air Dryers are available in ISO Class 4 and ISO Class 5 certified options, ensuring that the air produced is free from residual water content.

High Reliability: Hankison is well-known for producing reliable equipment, and our refrigerated dryers are no exception. They are built to withstand the demands of industrial use, providing consistent performance over the long term.

Employee Health & Safety: By effectively preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi within compressed air systems, these dryers help mitigate the risk of illness among employees. This improvement in air quality not only safeguards the well-being of the workforce but also contributes to higher morale and productivity levels.

Technical Specifications

The Hankison Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryer series offers a wide range of solutions for different industries and uses. These dryers can handle air flows from 12 m³/h to an impressive 23,000 m³/h, making them suitable for tasks like using air tools or industrial processes. The power needed for these dryers ranges from 0.12 kW to 36.32 kW, showing our commitment to performance and energy efficiency. 

Additionally, we're proud to say that our smaller models use an environment-friendly refrigerant R513A as a standard feature. This not only helps with efficient operation but also reduces energy consumption, ensuring your air compressor dryer works well while being kind to the environment.

Refrigerated Air Dryers Configuration Options

Hankison Refrigerated Air Dryers can be adjusted to fit the needs of almost any compressed air system.

HDI Direct Expansion (12m³/h to 23000m³/h): A compact, space-saving, and efficient solution for consistent dew point control. They excel at maintaining a precise dew point, ensuring the highest air quality for critical applications.

Flex Series (127m³/h to 3400m³/h): Designed for variable air flow rates. This makes them versatile for industries where air demands can change. They balance performance and adaptability, ensuring your air system works efficiently, no matter what.

HDS Series – Digital Scroll series (1800m³/h-10800m³/h): These dryers are built to save energy while still providing, dry air. They're designed to be environmentally friendly and cost-effective, helping you reduce expenses while keeping your air quality high.

HPET Series – High-Pressure (510m³/h-5550m³/h): If you need to work with high-pressure air, these dryers are a good fit. They remove moisture effectively, even in tough conditions and ensure your high-pressure air stays dry.

H-Series – Large 3-Stage Cycling (7200m³/h-12000m³/h): Perfect for big industrial jobs. These dryers keep the air consistently dry, which is crucial for heavy-duty tasks. They are tough and reliable, even in challenging environments.

Hankison Refrigerated Air Dryers play a crucial role in ensuring your air compressor consistently produces dry air. Whether you require cycling or non-cycling models, Hankison is dedicated to maintaining a steady dew point, minimizing the need for maintenance, and holding an ISO Class 4 certification to ensure your compressed air stays moisture-free. Explore our range of products to discover the ideal air drying solution for your specific needs while saving energy in the process.