Efficient Desiccant Air Dryers by Hankison

No task is too daunting; no moisture challenge is too big for Hankinson’s remarkable air dryers.



Hankison provides a comprehensive selection of desiccant air dryers, including heatless and heated models, to meet various industrial drying needs. Continue reading to learn more about Hankison’s range of desiccant air dryers.

Hankison’s desiccant air dryers are the key to high-quality compressed air in moisture-sensitive applications. These devices use innovative desiccant technology to adsorb water vapor, delivering dried compressed air, safeguarding your equipment from corrosion, preventing costly breakdowns, and ensuring top product quality.

What Are Desiccant Dryers?

Desiccant air dryers are devices used to remove moisture from compressed air systems. Compressed air often contains water vapor, which can condense into liquid water and cause issues like corrosion, equipment damage, and poor product quality. Desiccant air dryers help mitigate these problems by drying the air before it reaches the end-use application. Typically, desiccant compressed air dryers come in one of two distinct design solutions: heated and heatless, each providing unique benefits to the users.

How do Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers Work?

These air dryers use a dual-tower design with desiccant materials like activated alumina to dry compressed air. One tower dries the air, while the other regenerates its desiccant using a portion of the dry air. This efficient cycle, key to adsorption dryers, conserves energy without additional heating, though heatless models have a smaller air treatment capacity than heated ones.

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Hankison’s Heatless Air Dryers

Hankison's heatless desiccant dryers offer a simple yet reliable way to get dry air, especially where you can't use heat. More affordable upfront and over time than heated models, they still meet tough dryness standards. The HSHD Series is ideal for small spaces, handling air flow rates from 7 to 40 scfm (12 to 68 m³/h), while the HHL Series caters to larger needs with flow rates from 90 to 9000 m³/h, achieving dew points down to -70°C.

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Key Benefits of Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers:

Saves Money: Costs less to buy and maintain than heated options.
Simple Setup: Straightforward to install and use, with no external heating needed.
Always Reliable: Regularly provides quality dry air that meets high purity standards.
Versatile Choices: Comes in different models for all sizes of operations, big or small

How Do Heated Desiccant Air Dryers Work?

Heated desiccant air dryers, more effective than heatless models, use added heat for drying. They come in externally heated types with outside heat sources and internally heated types with heaters inside the desiccant bed. This heat allows them to process more moisture, ideal for large operations needing constant dry air. Their twin-tower design ensures a steady supply of dry compressed air for applications requiring consistent dryness.

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Hankison’s Heated Air Dryers

Ideal for industries like chemicals and electronics, Hankison's heated desiccant air dryers provide consistently dry air for moisture-sensitive processes. Available in various models, the HPD and HBP Series adapt to different air flows and conditions. The HPD Series offers variable dew points, while the HBP Series features a blower for efficient regeneration, both ensuring continuous, top-quality dry air for diverse industrial needs.

Additionally, there are tailored solutions like blower purge, heat of compression, and externally heated desiccant dryers to meet specific needs in various industries.


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Key Benefits of Heated Desiccant Air Dryers

Saves Energy: Uses less air to regenerate, which cuts down on energy use over time.
Handles More Moisture: Greater moisture removal capacity, a good fit for large facilities with humid conditions.
Custom Dryness Levels: Can be set for the exact dryness needed, fitting different situations.
Quick Regeneration: Models like the HBP Series with blowers speed up the drying process efficiently.

Desiccant Air Dryer Applications

Desiccant air dryers are essential in industries sensitive to moisture. They safeguard electronics from corrosion for reliable devices. In chemicals, they keep processes safe and pure by controlling humidity. For painting, they ensure a spotless finish with moisture-free air. 

In medical settings, they provide sterile air for patient health. And in dental offices, these dryers are key to keeping tools dry for effective patient care. Across these applications, the dryers' ability to deliver consistently dry air is key to achieving the best results.

Compressed Air Dryer Applications

Compressed air dryers are essential in numerous industries, providing the dry air needed for countless industrial processes. In manufacturing, dry compressed air is crucial to prevent defects and ensure consistent product quality – a must in precision-dependent sectors.

In the automotive industry, compressed air powers tools, aids in painting, and runs assembly lines. Dry air is vital here to avoid equipment malfunctions and achieve perfect paint jobs. In food and beverage production, compressed air is key for packaging and bottling, where air dryers play a critical role in upholding cleanliness and preventing contamination.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires ultra-clean air to protect drug quality and production spaces, making refrigerated dryers a common choice for effective moisture removal.

In harsher conditions, such as hazardous areas or remote sites, deliquescent dryers are the go-to, useful in places like landfills or in wood and asphalt production. Compressed air dryers also prevent mold in healthcare, ensure food processing safety, contribute to textile manufacturing, and even keep ice rinks smooth.

Desiccant Air Dryers Technology

Hankison is at the forefront of innovation in the desiccant compressed air dryer industry. Our R&D center is constantly working on enhancing the value our products provide to your business and, in extension, to your customers. Our dedication to excellence led us to incorporate numerous unique design solutions and energy-saving features that make our products stand out. Click the card below to learn more about the technology behind Hankison’s desiccant air dryers.