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Hankison specializes in the manufacture and supply of dehydration, filtration and air purification solutions for the global market. Hankison is dedicated to the ongoing technological progression in this field - providing factories and processing plants with access to the compressed air they need day-in, day-out. Through an array of easy-to-install air handling equipment, Hankison dehydration equipment creates compressed air, free from moisture and contaminants. As a result, our customers are presented with a constant supply of clean, dry air that won’t affect human health, the lifetime of processing equipment they use, or the quality of their end-products. The Hankison portfolio spans from compact units right through to large scale items of equipment. All different volume capacities, pressure levels, flow rates and dew points can be met. Furthermore, the sophisticated energy management mechanisms that these products incorporate help to significantly curb electricity consumption - delivering lower operational costs and environmental benefits to customers. The Hankison network of strategically placed distribution centers means we are better positioned than ever to address the quick turnarounds that customers expect. Through faster lead times, Hankison application engineers can support projects that need to be completed at a rapid pace and relieve customers’ acute deadline pressures.



Germany Office

Konrad-Zuse-Strasse 25
47445 Moers

Phone: +49 (0) 2841 8190

Netherlands Office 

Service Centre and Rental 
Munnikenheiweg 41
4879 NE Etten-Leur

Phone: +31 (0) 76 5085800 

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US Office

4647 SW 40th Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34474 USA

Customer Service: 1-724-745-1555

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Hankison Rental

Phone: 1-800-379-3711

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China Office

Hankison – Shanghai

11th Floor, L‘Avenue

99 Xian Xia Road, Shanghai, 200051 P.R.China

Phone: +86 21 2221 6000