Ambient air always contains water vapor. When the ambient air is compressed, the temperature and amount of water per volume of air increase. When the compressed air cools down again the water vapor condenses leading to staggering amounts of liquid water. To ensure the uninterrupted operation of your business, longer equipment lifetime, and maximum end-product quality, this water needs to be removed from your compressed air system. That's where we come in. Discover our offer of rental compressed air dryer solutions prepared to serve you where and when you need them!

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A compressed air system of 16m3/min during a summer day can easily produce over 20 Liters of water per hour! This free water can cause all kinds of problems, such as:  

  • Damage to valves, actuators, air-motors, etc. 

  • Lower system performance
    - Filling up buffer vessels, reducing the effective volume
    - Free standing water in airpipes causing pressure drop 
    - Damaging pipes causing leaks  

  • Freezing in cold weather, blocking airlines and causing system damage  

  • Contamination of end products 
    - Corrosion of piping, causing rust particles in the system
    - Stimulating growth of micro-organisms
    - Effecting end-product quality, for example in painting applications 


When talking about the level of water in a compressed air system the pressure dewpoint temperature is usually mentioned. 
The pressure dewpoint temperature is the temperature at which the water in the compressed air system starts to condensate. With a pressure dewpoint of -40 °C, condensation starts only when the compressed air temperature goes down to -40 °C. 


Here at Hankison we’ve been designing and manufacturing air treatment solutions for nearly eighty years. Our systems are part of prominent manufacturing plants around the world. But we understand that not every scenario calls for permanent, on-site air dryers. Which is why we offer our full line as rental equipment.



Uptime. It’s the cornerstone of every manufacturer. And ensuring maximum uptime means being prepared for everything from scheduled maintenance to unexpected equipment failure. This is as true for air compression systems as any system that keeps a company moving forward. A few of the reasons to rent a Hankison air dryer include:

  • Planned Outages and Maintenance - Maintain continuous operation during plant upgrades or maintenance.
  • Equipment Failure - Maintain air system uptime while issues with existing systems are addressed.
  • Temporarily Increased Demand - Fills temporary need to meet additional demand beyond planned capacity.
  • Testing - Short-term needs to test a new product or product line.
  • Capital Expenditure Limitations - Mitigate CAPEX challenges by providing solutions for unprecedented downtime when cash flow is limited.


Hankison Compressed Air Dryers are suitable for use across a wide range of industries delivering concrete benefits to processes and applications such as:

From the highly-controlled environment of a plant floor, to a work site in the middle of nowhere, our equipment can be configured to tackle any scenario. Which means dry air to keep the job moving. Wherever that may be. 

Recommended Rental Dryer Solution 1 - Comp. – Aft: 

Characteristics: Most free water is removed, no removal of dust or oil 
General Application: General construction, Blasting

Recommended Rental Dryer Solution 2 - Comp – Aft – HHL 

Characteristics: Dry air, build in filters remove dust and most oil  
General Application: Winter conditions, Pipeline drying, general manufacturing, Factory or plant air, food and beverage (with no contact to the end product) 

Recommended Rental Dryer Solution 2 - Comp – Aft – HHL – extra activated carbon filter 

Characteristics: Dry air, removal of dust and oil  
General Application: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Factory or plant air, food and beverage (with contact to the end product) 



Hankison Rental Maintenance 

Not only does Hankison Rental supports when there is a need for dry compressed air. This can be done with one of our Rental Dryers but also with service support or completely overhauling your current (rental) dryer.  
We do maintenance an overhauls on alle types of refrigerant and adsorption dryers from various (competitor) brands.

What we offer:

  • Service on all Levels and all Brands
  • Preventive maintenance can be performed on-site
  • Corrective maintenance - we will get it running again
  • Full inspection, evaluation, and testing, If you want all the details
  • Full refurbishment and overhaul, If you want it to be as new 

Rather do the maintenance yourself? 

No-problem with the extensive and detailed service kits from Hankison you will have al the needed parts to keep your Rental dryer in top condition.