High-Performance Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers

No task is too daunting; no moisture challenge is too big for Hankinson’s remarkable air dryers.



Hankison’s desiccant air dryers are the key to seamless compressed air performance in moisture-sensitive applications. These devices utilize innovative desiccant technology to adsorb water vapor, delivering dried compressed air, safeguarding your equipment from corrosion, preventing costly breakdowns, and ensuring that product quality remains uncompromised.


Master Moisture Control

With the capacity to drive moisture levels to a bone-chilling pressure dew point of -20°, -40° C, or even an astounding -70° C, Hankison’s desiccant dryers are the guardians of quality and efficiency. Thanks to versatile design and robust construction, they boast exceptional flow range, handling any flow from 8 m3/h to 13,000 m3/h.

Choose Carefully

There are two basic types of compressed air dryers: heatless and heated. The choice between these two distinct air treatment technologies depends on a range of factors, such as the desired drying capacity, energy efficiency goals, and budget considerations. Check out Hankison’s lineup of air treatment solutions below to choose an air dryer that is suitable for your compressed air system to ensure efficient moisture removal and optimal system performance.

Heatless Air Dryers

Heatless air dryers rely on the adsorption principle to remove moisture from compressed air. These dryers use a desiccant material (activated alumina) to trap water vapor that compressed air would contain. The process typically involves two towers filled with desiccant material. In one tower, compressed air passes through and gets dried as moisture is adsorbed by the desiccant. Meanwhile, the other tower undergoes a regeneration cycle, where a small portion of the dried air is diverted to remove moisture from the saturated desiccant. Heatless dryers use a fraction of the dried air for regeneration, making them energy-efficient but with a lower drying capacity compared to heated dryers.

Discover the HSHD series for compact heatless air dryers, offering wall mounting flexibility and an impressive airflow of up to 70m3/h. If you are seeking a stand-alone heatless unit with precise dew-point control and a generous airflow capacity of up to 9,000 m3/h, explore the HHL series.

Heated Air Dryers

Heated air dryers employ both desiccant and heat to remove moisture from compressed air. These dryers are divided into two categories: externally heated and internally heated. Externally heated dryers use an external heat source (e.g., electrical heaters or steam) to regenerate the desiccant. In contrast, internally heated dryers have built-in electric or gas heaters within the desiccant bed. Heated dryers offer higher moisture removal capacities compared to heatless dryers, making them suitable for larger-scale operations and applications with high-moisture loads.

If you are in search of a stand-alone air dryer featuring internal heat regeneration and capable of handling an airflow of up to 4,300 m3/h, explore the HMW series. Alternatively, if your application calls for an externally heated regenerated dryer, consider the Delair DB series.

Dry Air Means Higher Quality and Lower Downtime

Embrace the power of dry air, unlock unparalleled efficiency, and experience uninterrupted productivity with our desiccant compressed air dryers. It is time to elevate your operations to new heights – make the smart choice today!