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47445 Moers

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Netherlands Office 

Service Centre and Rental 
Munnikenheiweg 41
4879 NE Etten-Leur

Phone: +31 (0) 76 5085800 

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US Office

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Ocala, Florida 34474 USA

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Hankison Rental

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China Office

Hankison – Shanghai

11th Floor, L‘Avenue

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Phone: +86 21 2221 6000

Compressed Air Dryers Service

Regular service and maintenance of compressed air systems is important for several reasons:

  • Maintenance is required to extend the lifetime of the dryer.
  • It minimizes the risk of breakdowns and improves compressor or dryers’ efficiency and lifetime.
  • It can identify and address issues that may cause the compressor or dryer to consume more energy than necessary.
  • It can help ensure that every machine can perform in its most efficient way.

For all our equipment, we have genuine Hankison spare parts available. We also created service kits for our dryers that meet the required frequency for maintenance. For our desiccant dryers, we have molecular sieves and activated alumina in different sizes, like our Premium HQ-A4, which is 4mm premium quality activated alumina. 

Refrigerated dryers Desiccant dryers Filters

From 140m3/ hour

  • 1-year service kits
  • Main components


  • 1-year service kits
  • 5-year service kits
  • Main components
  • Desiccant test kit
  • Elements
  • Accessories

 For your convenience, we have a centralized service workshop in the Netherlands located in Etten-Leur, our own calibration station for our dew point sensors, and have test lab to test the quality of the desiccant. We have a dedicated team of service engineers and distributors that operate in the complete EMEIA region. Contact us to receive certified service support.