Compressed Air Filters: Protection and Efficiency

A Broad Range of Compressed Air Filters to Help You Optimize Air Quality, While Protecting Your Equipment and Processes


Filters play a key role in maintaining the quality of compressed air in any application. They make sure that the air circulating in the compressed air system and going to pneumatic tools and processes is clean and won't cause harm. Hankison provides a wide array of filtration options designed to keep your air pure and help your equipment last longer while also improving its efficiency.

Hankison Compressed Air Filters – Key Benefits

Hankison's compressed air filters are designed to provide top-notch air purity. These filters safeguard your compressed air systems. With cutting-edge filtration technology, Hankison's filters bring several advantages to manufacturers, sellers, and users, helping them outrun their competitors:

  • Wide Filtration Selection: Hankison has various filter types to match your specific needs. Available filtration grades include SF for bulk liquid separation, PF for general use, HF for high-efficiency oil removal, UF for ultra-efficient oil removal, and CF for oil vapor removal.
  • Flow Rates for All Sizes: Hankison filters can handle flow rates from 34 m³/h up to 2549 m³/h. This means they fit well with many system sizes and work smoothly with any compressed air system.
  • Built for Different Conditions: Hankison filters come in standard, high-pressure, and high-temperature versions to handle various process requirements.
  • Advanced Filter Features: Hankison filters use a special Venturi-Wave™ design for better airflow into the filter, pleated media for catching more contaminants, easy-to-connect flanged inlets and outlets, and strong, corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum housings.

When you pick Hankison's compressed air filters, you're choosing a product that delivers pure, dependable air. This protects your gear and products, while also making operations more cost-effective and efficient. Plus, you get a full range of services and support to get the most out of your filtration system.      

Hankison offers tailored support to help you find the perfect filter for your needs, boosting your system's performance. We know that keeping your operations running is vital. Our promise to have products ready and to ship them quickly means you get the filters you need, without any wait.

The Importance of Compressed Air Filters

Compressed air is ubiquitous when it comes to industrial processes, but it can also carry harmful substances. These can damage equipment, lower the end-product quality, and cause expensive downtime. Air compressor filters are special devices that clean out unwanted particles like dust, dirt, oil, and moisture from compressed air. Here's why these filters are essential in any compressed air setup:


  • Equipment Protection: Filters keep contamination from harming the main compressor unit, pneumatic tools, and other machinery connected to the system. Without good filtration, particles and moisture can lead to wear and early breakdowns.
  • Product Quality: Especially in sectors like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, clean compressed air is critical. Filters stop pollutants from spoiling the safety and quality of end products.
  • Energy Efficiency: Dirty compressed air can make your compressed air systems less efficient, using more energy. Clean air helps everything run smoothly and at peak performance, meaning tangible energy cost reductions.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Compressed air filters take out the dirt, which means less cleaning and fixing of equipment. This cuts down on maintenance expenses.
  • Compliance and Safety: Many industries have strict air quality rules. Using the right filters ensures a business meets these standards, avoids fines, and keeps a safe workspace for its workers.

Choosing the Right Compressed Air Filter

Selecting the right compressed air filter is key to keeping your compressed air system in good shape for longer. There's a range of filter types and grades, and while it might seem tricky to choose, here's a simple guide to find the right filter for your needs.


Different filter grades target different impurities:

  • Coalescing Filters (Grades HF and UF): These are vital for getting rid of oil mists and water drops. They work by making small droplets come together to form bigger ones, which are then easily removed from the airflow.
  • Vapor Removal Filters (Grade CF): These filters are used to take out oil vapors and smells. They're necessary when you need the cleanest air possible, like in food making or drug production.
  • Bulk Liquid Separators (Grade SF): These are good for getting out lots of condensed water and oil, as well as big dust particles. They're often used first, before other filters, to prep the air.


The type of filter you need depends on how pure you need your air to be. Hankison has a range of filter grades to match the needs of your system:

  • Grade SF: Great for pulling out lots of liquids and bigger bits. It's really useful in places where there's a lot of moisture from compressors.
  • Grade HF: For getting rid of oil mist, this high-efficiency filter does the job where oil is in the air.
  • Grade UF: For the most critical jobs, this filter provides ultra-high efficiency in removing oil to ensure extremely pure air.
  • Grade CF: This one takes out oil vapors and smells, giving you the cleanest air for the most delicate processes.

When picking out a compressed air filter, think about these points:

  • Air Quality Needs: Decide how pure the air must be for what you're doing. Jobs that need a lot of care will need better filters.
  • Flow and Pressure: Your filter should cope with the amount of air your system moves without causing big pressure drops, as this can make things less efficient and cost more to run.
  • Surroundings: Think about the area around the system, like the heat and dampness, which can change how well the filter works.
  • Fits with Your System: The filter should fit into your current setup easily without needing big changes.
  • Upkeep and Lifespan: Look at how easy it is to keep the filter working and how long it's expected to last, so it fits with how you run things and your budget.

Hankison's team is dedicated to helping you through this decision-making process. We have deep knowledge of air quality needs for different industries and uses, and we're ready to help you understand the details of compressed air filtration. The Hankison team will guide you to a filter that suits your present and future needs, making sure you get a reliable and cost-effective setup.

With Hankison, you're backed by support and know-how, ensuring you make the best choice for your compressed air filtration requirements.