Hankison offers a broad range of the highest-quality compressed air-drying solutions designed for specific applications and water vapor levels. By employing energy-saving technologies, they allow you to optimize the performance of your pneumatic tools and significantly reduce your compressed air system operation costs. Discover our product range below and request a quote today! 

Compressed air dryers are devices used to remove moisture and contaminants from compressed air, which could otherwise cause various issues such as reduced efficiency and damage to pneumatic tools. They ensure clean and dry air and are key in industrial applications where air quality directly affects end product quality and the lifespan of equipment. Our portfolio comprises various compressed air dryer types such as:

•    Refrigerated compressed air dryers that can handle air flows from 12m³/h to 23,000 m³/h, which makes them suitable for a wide variety of industrial uses. These dryers have power requirements ranging from 0.12 kW to 36.32 kW and include high-pressure models. Both cycling refrigerated air dryers and non-cycling options are available to suit your specific needs.

•    Desiccant compressed air dryers are able to drive moisture levels to a pressure dew point of up to -70° C and handle any flow from 8m³/h to 13,000m³/h. These dryers are highly customizable and can be adapted to meet your unique medium, flow rate, operating pressure, and inlet air temperature needs. Both heatless and heated dryer models are on offer.

•    Membrane compressed air dryers targeting broad flow rate spectrums from 2.6 m³/h to 112.8 m³/h (HMD Series) and from 2.4m³/h to 240.0m³/h (HMM Series). Thanks to their compact design, quiet operation, and no use of refrigerants or desiccant materials, dryers are an excellent choice for a wide array of applications, including sensitive ones.

Apart from compressed air dryers, Hankison’s offering also features a broad selection of air filters and other accessories such as condensate drains, air-liquid bypass valves, mist eliminators and separators. Hankison experts offer dryer sizing and configuration support to help you improve the quality of your compressed air.

Hankison Compressed Air Dryers – Key Benefits

Hankison’s compressed air drying solutions provide you with several key advantages that enable you to optimize your mission-critical compressed air applications. These include:

  • Consistent dew point control ensuring constantly clean air even if your compressed air demand varies.
  • Superior cost-efficiency is guaranteed by using energy-saving technologies resulting in lower operational costs.
  • High reliability is ensured by our durable dryer designs and translating into minimal maintenance needs.
  • Unrivaled flexibility and adaptability allowed for by the availability of numerous configuration options to match your exact application needs.
  • Regulatory compliance, with ISO Class 4 and ISO Class 5 options being available for industries that demand the highest-quality compressed air.